Best Rabbit Repellent – How to Get Rid of Rabbits

Rabbits are cuddly and cute, but they’re not something you invite into your garden. Spring heralds new beginnings with a lot of colors and life springing up. Rabbits are very active in the spring and summer months, and this can spell disaster for your garden. If you let them at it, you’ll end up with plants eaten down to the ground. 

This is where rabbit repellent comes in. There are so many different types available, and some work better than others. This can make it very confusing when you start to look at the different products and compare them side by side. We want you to know your options when it comes to rabbit repellent, so we’re going to highlight several quality choices for you. You can pick and choose the ones that work best for you, keep the pests away, and enjoy the fruits of your labor as your garden grows and thrives. 

1. Liquid Fence Deer & Rabbit Repellent Concentrate

Liquid Fence has a reputation as being one of the highest-quality rabbit repellents on the market. It makes repellents for a broad range of animals like rats, cats, snakes, dogs, deer, mosquitoes, and rabbits. You can get a concentrate, granules, or a ready-mixed spray. One 40-ounce bottle of the concentrate can coat 6,000 square feet, and you mix it at a ratio of eight ounces to every gallon of water. It has a very strong smell of garlic and rotten eggs, but this tends to fade a day after you apply it. 

For the first month after you spray it, you should reapply it every two weeks. Once you get past the first month, you can drop back to spraying it every 30 days. Water can wash it away, so you want to apply it during dry spells and wait to water. It has ingredients that are safe to use around your pets and kids, and it can help prevent other rodents from getting into your garden. 


  • Coats up to 6,000 square feet
  • Can last up to a month between spraying it
  • Repels several rodents and pests


  • Slightly more expensive
  • Can leave a greasy coating on your plants
  • Restricted use in Indiana and New Mexico

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2. Repellex Deer and Rabbit Repellent 

This rabbit repellent is a concentrate that uses the powerful combination of taste and smell to scare the rabbits and other pests off. It will stick to your plant’s leaves and any shrubs once you spray it, and a single application can protect your garden for up to 90 days. It has an all-natural formula that contains hot pepper, garlic oils, and dried blood. One gallon of this mix can cover 120 to 160 plants, and you should reapply it after it rains. The strong odor will dissipate after 24 to 48 hours. 

The solution may lightly stain the leaves red, and it’s best used as a preventative rather than a deterrent if the rabbits already attacked. This is a less expensive option, but it’s also natural. This means that it’s not as strong as the chemical rabbit repellents, but you can easily rotate between this product and another synthetic one if you find the rabbits persist. 


  • Concentrate sticks to the plant surface
  • Organic ingredients are eco-friendly
  • Single application can last up to 90 days


  • Strong odor of garlic and rotten eggs
  • Red pigmentation can cause plant discoloration 
  • Can clog up smaller sprayers

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3. Nature’s Mace Deer and Rabbit Repellent 

This is an ideal rabbit repellent if you’re looking for something you can mix with water to stretch the application. It’s easy to use on larger areas, and you can spread it with a watering can or sprayer. According to the manufacturer, there are over three times more active ingredients in the formula than some of their competitors. It contains safe ingredients like mint oil, white pepper, garlic, and egg solids. This makes it safe to use around your pets or on your vegetables without worry. 

These ingredients use taste, smell, and fear to deter rabbits from eating your plants. It does smell strong when you first spray it, and it doesn’t work very well if you live in a very wet climate. As a bonus, it can deter ticks too. This rabbit repellent works best when you let it dry 100% before you get it wet. It lasts several weeks once it dries, and a gallon of the concentrate makes up to 16 gallons of spray. 


  • Safe to use around pets and kids
  • Dries relatively quickly once you apply it
  • Odors dissipate quickly when it dries


  • Price – more expensive per gallon
  • Rain can easily wash it away 
  • May have to reapply it more frequently in wet climates

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4. Enviro Pro Rabbit Scram Repellent 

Unlike concentrates, this rabbit repellent comes in granular form. So, this means that you apply it a little differently. Instead of spraying it directly on your plants, you’ll scatter a circle around your flower beds, vegetable gardens, and plants. This product uses organic ingredients to scare rabbits away. The two main components are meat meal and dried blood, and this lets out a scent that is similar to a dead rabbit. It sets off a rabbit’s danger sense, and this can cause them to run from the area. 

It has an eco-friendly formula with natural ingredients, and this rabbit repellent will decompose after you apply it. It turns into organic nitrogen nutrients, and these will nourish your soil. It doesn’t have an odor, and it is safe to use around pets. It works to form a barrier that rabbits will be too afraid to go over to get to your vegetables. It won’t wash away in the rain, and it can last up to 45 days after the first application. 


  • Works well in wet climates 
  • Breaks down and nourishes the soil
  • Forms a barrier around the plants


  • Odor increases with water
  • Only get two pounds per order
  • Doesn’t cover larger areas well

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5. Plantskydd Animal Repellent

Within 24 hours of applying this rabbit repellent, it’s waterproof. It comes in a powder form that you can mix with 2.5 gallons of water to make a lasting repellent. It works to control pests year round, and it’ll work on rabbits, deer, elk, chipmunks, moles, hares, moose, and other big and small herbivores. One package can treat over 900 seedlings and plants up to a foot high, and the main ingredient is blood meal. This is the smell that can scare the rabbits off. 

The nice thing about this rabbit repellent is that a single application can last between four to six months during the dormant phase and four weeks during the active growing season. Depending on your climate, this could be enough for the entire growing season. It’s listed in the Organic Materials Review Institute as having a 100% organic formula, and it’s made in the United States to strict standards. 


  • Can spray or dip bulbs before planting
  • Gives you year-round pest control
  • One package can cover 900 plants


  • No mixing directions included
  • Need to apply it more frequently
  • Stains the plants when you apply it

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6. Messina Rabbit Stopper Spray 

This rabbit repellent comes backed by a company that has been creating top-notch repellents for years. Listed as one of Amazon’s best-selling products, it’s completely safe to use around pets, humans, and on a broad range of plants. One application will stay on your plants and stay effective for up to 30 days, and it doesn’t matter which weather conditions you apply it under. What’s more, it becomes resistant to water just 20 minutes after you apply it to your plants. 

The rabbit repellent works well on shrubs, flowers, trees, and vegetables. It comes in a convenient spray bottle that is ready to apply right out of the packaging, and it won’t burn, stain, or discolor your plants when you apply it. It dries odor-free and clear within 20 minutes, and it contains a mix of organic ingredients and essential oils that can repel rabbits. Additionally, it can work well with a variety of different pests from rabbits to deer and squirrels to yellow jackets


  • Goes on clear and odor-free
  • Works for up to 30 days 
  • Resistant to water 20 minutes after you apply it


  • Have to reapply it frequently 
  • Can’t use on vegetables three weeks before you harvest them
  • Not very strong

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7. I Must Garden Rabbit Repellent

This is another all-natural formula that is humane and safe for wildlife, pets, plants, and people. This rabbit repellent also doesn’t have a lingering odor when you spray it, and it dries relatively quickly. It has a strong mint scent from the essential oils that is off putting to rabbits and other pests. It’s very resistant to water, and it will last a long time after you apply it. You won’t have to reapply it once it rains or if the weather fluctuates, but you do have to reapply it once a month. 

You should spray it directly on your flowers and vegetable plants for the best results. It’s available in several sizes, including one gallon of ready to use product. This rabbit repellent won’t burn or damage your grass, and it won’t discolor your plants. There are no harmful chemicals in the spray, and this makes it an eco-friendly choice for your garden. 


  • Available in several different sizes 
  • Won’t burn your grass or discolor your plants 
  • Uses a concentrate of botanical oils 


  • Can attract spiders and some snakes
  • May have to reapply it once a week 
  • Does not dry quickly 

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8. PREDATORGUARD Deer Repellent

Although this is touted as deer repellent, it works very well as a racoon and rabbit repellent. It’s a popular pick because it has a very high efficiency rate. Additionally, it’s very cost-effective for the amount you get. The lingering scent will help convince both rabbits and deer to look elsewhere for food than in your vegetable garden or shrubs. This repellent comes in a unique pouch design that makes it very easy to apply in a matter of minutes. All you have to do is hang it on and around your plants. 

Every order will get you 10 individual packages, and it emits a very strong scent. It’s resistant to rain, and getting it wet won’t dilute the smell. There are no chemicals or synthetic ingredients, and this makes it an eco-friendly product. You get a 100% money-back guarantee with each purchase. This gives you the peace of mind that comes with knowing you get your money back if it doesn’t work to your expectations. 


  • Very easy to hang up and use
  • Get 10 packs in every purchase
  • 100% money-back guarantee


  • Soap scent could attract other pests
  • Have to hang a lot in a small area to be effective 
  • Difficult to reseal the package

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9. Homemade Rabbit Repellent Recipe One

Along with the things you can buy, you can make several different rabbit repellents. The following rabbit repellent recipe will make a full gallon that you can spray on your plants or pour around them. To make it, you’ll need: 

  • 1 whole egg
  • 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil
  • 1 tablespoon of liquid dish detergent 
  • ½ cup of milk
  • Water to fill the gallon jug

Get a small bowl and mix the egg, vegetable oil, and milk until it’s well-mixed. Carefully pour the mixture into an empty gallon jug. Add the dishwashing detergent. Fill the rest of the jug with water. You can add a small amount to your spray bottle and apply it to your plants. You will have to reapply it every two weeks or so because it’s not extremely strong. 

Rabbit Repellent 1 Eggs
Eggs make an excellent additive to repellent recipes because they help the liquid to stick to the plant leaves and stems when it dries. 

10. Homemade Rabbit Repellent Recipe Two 

This rabbit repellent spray uses a combination of spice and rotten eggs to create a strong smell that will repel the rabbits. Also, the egg will dry right on your plants, and this can make the mixture stick much longer and survive the rain. To make it, you’ll need: 

  • 1 egg
  • 1 tablespoon of liquid dish soap
  • 1 tablespoon of hot sauce
  • 1 quart of water

Mix your egg and hot sauce together until the mixture is well incorporated. Add in your liquid dish soap and your quart of water. Carefully pour everything into a spray bottle. Put the cover on and give it a good shake. Spray this rabbit repellent onto your plants. The egg will dry after a few hours, and this will help lock the moisture onto your plants.
Rabbit Repellent 2 Peppers
Hot peppers are the main ingredients in hot sauce, and they have a very potent smell that can drive rabbits away. 

Rabbit Repellent Buyer’s Guide 

When it comes to rabbit repellent, you have a few choices to make when you start narrowing down the available products. One of the first things you want to do is decide on a type. Generally, you’ll choose from three broad categories that include: 

  • Spray/Concentrate – A concentrate is a very strong formula that you dilute with water before applying it to your plants. These are generally easy to apply, but many of them wash off in water because they have a liquid base. They can cover up to 6,000 square feet, but they can also be more expensive. You can get synthetic or organic formulas. 
  • Granules – Another popular rabbit repellent form is granules. You create a circle around your plants with these granules and it’ll scare the rabbits off with the scent of blood meal. They’re resistant to rain, but the smell does get stronger when they get wet. 
  • Electronic – One type of repellent we didn’t highlight here is electronic means. These can be anything from solar-powered boxes that flash patterns and make noise to ones you have to plug in. They have motion sensors that will cause them to startle anything that walks in front of them. 

Rabbit Repellent 3 Type
Some rabbits will respond to different types of repellents better than others. You may have to cycle through the different categories until you find the one that works best. 

Organic or Synthetic 

Do you want to use an organic rabbit repellent or a synthetic one? Generally speaking, synthetic repellents are much stronger than organic ones because they can harness the power of chemicals to get the job done. However, many of these synthetic rabbit repellents aren’t safe to apply to any plants that you intend to eat, and they can be harmful if your kids or pets get into them. 

On the other hand, organic rabbit repellents are widely considered to be safe to use around all different types of plants. They’re not as strong as the synthetic versions, and you may have to apply them more often. However, they’re eco-friendly, and they’re relatively inexpensive. You can even make your own organic repellents from things you have around your home like essential oils, garlic, eggs, hot sauce, and water mixed with dish soap. 

Buying Considerations

There are several things you want to look for when you shop for your rabbit repellent. Once you decide on a type and whether or not you want an organic or synthetic formula, you can start comparing your products. You can use the following list to make your choice. 


Some repellents are going to be much more water-resistant than others. Liquid repellents usually wash off quicker than the granular ones, and organic formulas don’t last as long as synthetic ones. Make sure you double-check the drying time. Once the formula dries, it becomes more resistant to water. You may have to apply some repellents more if you live in a wet climate, and this can drive your costs up if you have a large area to cover. 

Rabbit Repellent 4 Water Resistant
The more water-resistant your formula is, the longer it’ll last on your plants. Granules last longer than sprays, but water also increases their scent.


How much time do you have to dedicate to applying your repellent? If you have a large area, it can take a significant amount of time each time you need to apply it. Sprays are usually easier and quicker to apply, even in large areas. Electronic repellents are very quick. You simply stick them in the ground around your garden, switch them on, and let them go. Granulas require you to drop them in a circle around your plants and leave them sit. 


Your budget will play into which repellent you choose. They range in price from $10 to $15 up to around $100 per order. Make sure you pay attention and see how far one order will get you. They can cover up to 6,000 square feet, and this could be enough to take you through a growing season if you have a smaller garden. Set a budget before you shop to help narrow down your choices. 


No matter which type of repellent you get, you’ll have to reapply it at some point. You want to see how long one application lasts. It could be every other week, every month, or every three months. Some products say you should reapply it every time it rains. Other repellents have you apply it every week or every other week for the first month before backing off into a monthly or bi-monthly application. The longest lasting synthetic formulas can go as long as four or six months between applications. 


If you buy your repellent from a reputable brand, you’ll get the peace of mind that comes with knowing that the company that made your product has a good reputation. It’s also easier to get in touch with customer service if you choose a well-known brand than it is an off-brand. Many brands offer perks like money-back guarantees if the product doesn’t perform to your satisfaction level.


Some ingredients are very effective for repelling rabbits like blood meal. However, they can also stain your plants a red color when you apply them. Although this isn’t horrible, it’s something to consider if you apply them to your vegetables. Double-check the ingredient list and make sure they’re safe to use on whatever types of plants you have. Essential oils are a popular ingredient that have a strong smell that rabbits dislike. 

Rabbit Repellent 5 Ingredients
The different ingredients will dictate how strong your repellent is. Synthetic ones are more potent than organic, but they usually have a less harsh scent. In turn, this isn’t as unpleasant for anyone around them when you spray it. 

Bottom Line 

Rabbits are cute, but they’re a pest you don’t want around your garden or flower beds. Choosing a high-quality pest repellent is one way to help guard against them eating your plants, and it can help ensure you have a beautiful garden or yard all year long. 

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