Are Carpet Beetles Harmful? Here’s What You Need To Know

There are many different kinds of beetles, and some of them are pests. Carpet beetles, for example, feed on natural fibers like wool, silk and cotton — which means that if you have one in your home, it could be damaging your carpet or upholstery. Carpet beetles can also damage clothing, furniture, drapes and other

Best Weevil Spray for Pantries 

Rice weevils are some of the most common pantry pests in the United States. Though small, these beetles can be responsible for hundreds of dollars of food waste in a single household each year. Furthermore, weevils are prolific reproducers and can quickly infiltrate other pantry foods if you’re not careful. In today’s article, we are

How To Get Rid Of The Borer Beetle

The borer beetle is a common wood-boring pest known to cause damage to a variety of types of woods inside and outside of homes. Because these pests procreate so rapidly and can lay a large number of eggs, they are capable of causing severe structural damage that can not only be costly but also dangerous.

How To Get Rid Of Drugstore Beetles

Bugs are a common nuisance throughout the United States and the world. No matter where you turn there is no escape from these pesky pests. Bugs that find their way into our goods and foods are even worse to deal with! And this is where the drugstore beetle comes in. Have you ever heard of

How To Get Rid of Japanese Beetles

Are you wondering how to get rid of Japanese beetles? If so, you already know how problematic these pests can be. Highly damaging and common in abundance throughout the Eastern United States, Japanese beetles are quickly becoming some of the most damaging urban pests to gardens and landscaping. The trouble is, they lay low before

Best Black Beetle Control Methods

Is your yard riddled with dead patches of grass, wilted tree leaves, and gloomy looking flowers? If you’ve noticed that your yard and garden is suffering no matter how much you water or care for it, you may be dealing with a pest infestation. Determining which type of pest you’re dealing with is key to

How To Get Rid of The Spider Beetle

The spider beetle usually isn’t a common household pest, but the presence of spider beetles inside your home should certainly raise some red flags. These pests are prolific reproducers and infestations can happen quickly, meaning effective treatment for these hungry critters is important. But how did you get spider beetles, why did they choose your

Best Asian Beetle Trap

Often confused for ladybugs, the Asian beetle is an invasive species that can wreak havoc on gardens, infiltrate our homes, and lead to an increase in health issues like allergies and asthma. If you’ve identified an Asian beetle problem in your yard or inside your home, you’re not alone. These beautiful but destructive pests are

How To Get Rid Of The Scarab Beetle

Are you wondering how to get rid of the scarab beetle? If so, you’ve come to the right place. With a diverse diet, unique look, and variety of species, the scarab beetle is an intriguing insect to say the least. While many scarab beetles are highly beneficial to people and the environment, some species can

How To Get Rid of the Powder Post Beetle

Just as damaging as termites and once greatly feared as an omen of unavoidable death, the powder post beetle is certainly a formidable foe to contend with. But sifting through myths and facts can be difficult when it comes to this common pest, which makes it even more tough to get rid of. Powder post

How To Get Rid Of The Carpet Beetle

Carpet beetles are a common household pest in many American homes. Though they are not poisonous or dangerous, and while they won’t typically cause too much damage unless an infestation gets out of control, the hard-to-detect carpet beetle can wreak serious havoc on fabrics like carpets, bedding, clothing, and more. Are you wondering if you’ve

How To Tell A Ladybug Vs Asian Beetle

Do you know the difference between a ladybug vs Asian beetle? One is harmless and beneficial to plantlife while the other can be aggressive and damaging. One is often purchased at gardening stores and invited into our gardens to help them thrive, while the other is an invasive species no one seems to want around.

How To Get Rid Of Ladybugs 

My grandfather’s backyard garden was my favorite hangout as a kid. To me, it was a magical place that attracted all kinds of wonderful creatures like butterflies, hummingbirds, bumble bees, and yes – ladybugs. As a child, I used to love catching ladybugs in little makeshift bug jars and nets. I would count their spots