10 Early Signs of Spider Mites 

Spider mites are tiny, red, spider-like insects that can infest a variety of plants, including ornamental and vegetable plants. They are difficult to see with the naked eye and often go unnoticed until they have caused extensive damage to the plant. Spider mites can cause yellowing or bronzing of leaves with stippling or webbing on

Tiny White Bugs On Skin – What You Should Know About Scabies Mites

If you have tiny white bugs on skin, you may be concerned, and for good reason. Tiny white bugs on skin could be a sign of scabies. Scabies mites are microscopic parasites that burrow into the top layer of your skin. They cause an itchy rash and skin lesions, which is why they’re sometimes called

How To Get Rid Of Pool Mites

We all know that a swimming pool is a great place to relax and enjoy time with friends and family. However, if your pool is infested with pool mites, it can be a nightmare. These tiny bugs may be very hard to see and they may not only be a nuisance, but they can even

Red Concrete Bugs – How To Get Rid Of Concrete Mites

Concrete mites, also known as red concrete bugs or red spiders, generally cause limited damage to homes and gardens. However, these tiny pests can become a big problem if left uncontrolled, especially if they begin infesting your property in large numbers. When you have an abundance of concrete mites, you may start to notice stains

Best Ear Mite Medicine For Cats

Ear mites can cause a number of issues for your cat and, in rare cases, they can even cause issues for humans living with infested pets. Highly contagious, irritating, and sometimes even dangerous, it’s very important to treat ear mites in cats once you have diagnosed the issue. Are you looking for the best ear

How To Get Rid Of Oak Mites

Have you ever heard of oak mites? Since you’re here, we’ll assume you have. And since you’re here, we’ll also assume you already know how annoying these pests can be. Luckily, oak mites don’t cause serious damage to our beautiful oak trees, but they do cause painful and itchy bites, breed prolifically, and spread from

Best Lice Comb To Have On Hand

Lice are quite common in the United States, especially amongst children between the ages of 3 and 11. In spite of this, most people don’t know much about these nasty little parasites. If you’re one such person, you may have fallen victim to a number of myths, misconceptions, and treatment remedies that accompany a lice

How To Get Rid Of Book Lice 

Book lice certainly sound horrible, but the good news is that they are not true lice and they don’t suck blood, get into your hair, or cause any harm to people or pets. Unfortunately, an infestation of book lice is still nothing to ignore. These tiny pests can reproduce rapidly and cause serious damage to

How To Get Rid Of The Pill Bug 

Though they prefer to live outdoors, sometimes pill bugs will creep into our homes and invade our basements and crawl spaces. While they’re generally harmless, they can be unnerving to the unsuspecting homeowner. What’s worse, they can damage young plants outdoors in large numbers. So, how do you get rid of pill bugs and keep

Best Shampoo To Prevent Lice

Lice are perhaps some of the most feared parasites amongst parents of small children. This is not so much because lice are dangerous, but more because they are so easily contracted and are most commonly found in children. A child infested with head lice can lead to a family infested with head lice. That said,

How To Get Rid of Clover Mites 

In spite of their charming name, clover mites are considered a nuisance pest throughout many American households. They infiltrate our properties in very large numbers, sometimes causing patchy lawns and other times raiding our homes to hide out in cracks and crevices. An individual clover mite may be as small as a pinhead, but an

How To Get Rid of Spider Mites 

Do you have spider mites? You may not be able to tell at first, considering these little pests are extremely small. Furthermore, the damage they cause to your garden or house plants can look similar to other types of damage like drought stress or fungus gnats. Still, if you pay attention and learn what to

Best Dust Mite Covers

Dust mites are a common household problem in the United States and all over the world. These microscopic insects feed on dead skin, making them highly attracted to our homes and especially places where skin cells are most prevalent like bedding, furniture, and carpeting. While it’s nearly impossible to get rid of dust mites altogether,