Different Types Of Millipedes And How To Manage Them

There are over 1,400 types of millipedes in the United States. These tiny animals can be found in many habitats, including forests, grasslands and even urban lawns. While some species may be beneficial to your yard, some are considered pests and can cause damage to plants. In today’s article, we are going to talk about

Best Centipede Traps For Indoors 

What is it about centipedes that make most of us shudder? Many people point to their numerous legs, their ability to “bite” with their strong mandibles, or their propensity for scurrying out of dark corners when you least expect it. Whatever it is, most of us aren’t fond of centipedes outdoors, let alone centipedes indoors.

How To Get Rid of Centipedes

Centipedes are right up there with other creepy crawly critters that many people despise. But the truth is that these multi-legged arthropods are quite beneficial. They feed on an abundance of pesky and soft bodied insects like roaches, spiders, caterpillars and even other centipedes. As such, they can help reduce plant damage in your garden

Best Millipedes Control – Products and Home Remedies That Work

Millipedes are certainly unnerving, especially when you come across one inside your home in the dead of night. Still, these interesting and beneficial arthropods do more good than harm, and are relatively easy to get rid of once you know how to manage and prevent them. So, if you’re dealing with millipedes or you just

How To Get Rid Of a House Centipede  

Seeing a house centipede may be unnerving, especially considering the bad reputation centipedes have in general. However, did you know that house centipedes, a common insect known for invading homes and living in small, damp spaces, can be quite beneficial? In fact, many homeowners opt to let these insects stick around in their homes once