Best Humane Mouse Trap

Do you have a mouse in your house? You’re not alone. Mice are some of the most common pests to infiltrate homes in the United States and are discovered in all kinds of residences all year round. However, mice are especially common during the colder months like fall and winter, when food is hard to come by and they need shelter from snow and rain.

The problem with finding a mouse in your home is that there is never just one mouse. Usually, one mouse means many, as a female mouse can produce up to 10 litters a year, with an average litter producing between three and fourteen baby mice at a time.

Still, even just three baby mice are three mice too many, in my book. Mice may be somewhat adorable, but they can carry deadly diseases, which is why it’s important to evict them from your home as soon as you realize they’ve moved in.

That said, not everyone is comfortable with killing mice. Let’s face it – these guys aren’t cockroaches or spiders. They are cute, furry, wide-eyed creatures with whiskers and button noses and little personalities. Shoot. They’ve even starred in some of our favorite Disney classics like Cinderella. We can’t kill Gus Gus!

Don’t worry. There are plenty of humane, non-kill methods you can use to rid your home of these somewhat cute but very unwelcome new guests.

But before you begin loading up an online shopping cart with traps, let’s make sure you do indeed have a mouse problem and then go over some of the best humane trap options available.

Identifying A Mouse Infestation

Pic 1 a mouse on a green blanket
Mice leave telltale clues of their presence once they move. Do you know the signs? 

If you’ve seen a mouse in your house, then chances are you have a mouse problem. Like we mentioned above, one mouse is usually the sign of more mice, and all it really takes, according to experts, is one male and one female mouse to lead to an infestation as mice are known to reproduce very quickly.

However, you don’t have to physically see or hear a mouse in your house to know you have a mouse problem. Mice leave all kinds of clues as to their existence.

Common Signs Of Mice Include: 

  • Mouse droppings
  • Gnawed furniture, cupboards, appliances, plastics, cereal boxes, etc
  • Mouse nests (shredded materials and fibers hidden deep in cupboards, behind walls, in basements, or under furniture)
  • A musky odor or smell of urine
  • A mouse sighting

If you do see a mouse or any signs of a mouse in your house, don’t panic. Mice can be a pain, but they are not as tough to get rid of as some pests like bed bugs and termites.

In fact, there are plenty of ways to not only rid your home of mice, but to also keep them from returning.

Let’s take a look at some of the different humane trap and mouse deterrent options available.

Types Of Different Mouse Trap Options

Pic 2 a mouse eating food
Using food bait is a popular method for trapping mice. 

Most Common Types Of Mouse Trap Options:

  • Snap Traps
  • Glue Traps
  • Multiple Mice Traps
  • And Baited poison

Growing up, we traditionally used the common snap traps to rid our home of mice. We lived in the foothills of Colorado at the base of the mountains, and for years there were nothing but fields of grass and trees and streams behind our home.

While this made for a lovely and adventurous childhood, it also made for an interesting fall and winter. Each time the seasons changed, we would inevitably end up with a mouse in our house.

Snap traps went up, and every once in a while you’d hear one go off. This was particularly upsetting for me, especially after I watched a mouse get caught in a trap in real time. He didn’t die, but he was gravely injured. My tears were enough to sway my parents into using alternative methods to trapping these cute yet pesky creatures.

Yet, as you saw above, some of the most common traps today remain snap traps and mouse poison in the form of bait.

Still, more and more people are crossing over to using humane methods of trapping mice, especially when they discover these methods are just as easy and affordable to use, and may even be safer for their family and pets.

Different Types Of Humane Mouse Trap and Mouse Repelling Options Include:

  • Catch and Release Traps
  • Ultrasonic Rodent Repellents
  • Trap Door Traps
  • SeeSaw Traps
  • Multiple Mouse Catch And Release Traps
  • Rolling Log Traps

Are you interested in using a humane trap in your house? Let’s talk a bit about the pros and cons.

Pros And Cons Of Using A Humane Mouse Trap

Pic 3 a mouse looking out of a trap
Once you catch a live mouse in a trap, you’ll have to decide what to do with it.  

While most of us tender-hearted animal lovers find relief in using humane mouse traps, there are skeptics who feel these types of trap options are not as effective as traditional snap traps and baited poisons.

Is there any truth to this? Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons to using a human trap.

Pros To Using A Humane Trap

  • Non-toxic
  • No use of poisons
  • No killing of mice or their young
  • Safe traps for pets and children
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Inexpensive

Cons To Using A Humane Trap

  • More maintenance as far as checking the traps
  • Requires relocating live mice

10 Best Humane Mouse Trap And Mouse Repellents Options

Pic 4 a mouse in a cage
The best humane traps and repellents don’t hurt the mouse and allow you to let the mouse go far away from your home. 

If you’re on board with investing in a humane mouse trap, you’re in luck. We’ve listed ten of the best human mouse trap options for you below.

Take a look!

KindTrap Humane Live Trap

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First on our list of humane traps is this trap by KindTrap. What we like best about this mouse trap is that it catches live mice and then sounds an alarm, alerting you that there is a mouse that needs to be released.

Plus, this trap is small enough to place in tighter spaces. It’s portable and easy to pick up and take with you when you are relocating the unwanted furry guest. The alarm contraption can be removed so you can easily clean and sanitize the trap.

However, this trap works specifically for one mouse at a time.

CaptSure Humane Trap 2 Pack

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We like this humane trap because it comes in a set of two and is super simple to set up and use. SImilar to many traps on this list, it uses a simple spring door closer to help catch a living mouse who is lured in by bait.

Once  the mouse is caught, it cannot get out, but is safe in the enclosed, breathable cell until you find it. However, you will need to routinely check this trap so you ensure you find the mouse in time to release it.

We recommend the small trap option for mice, however you can order this product in medium and large, depending on what type of rodent you are trying to catch.

Authenzo Humane Mouse Trap

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This is a safe, pain-free, harm free humane trap that is simple to use and completely user friendly. It is small and specifically built for mice, using their own body weight to release a spring loaded door once they climb into the trap for bait.

You can order this trap in a set of two. The trap also comes apart and is easy to keep clean and sanitize. You can use it over and over again as many times as needed, and easily take the entire tarp with you when you go to relocate the mouse from your home.

TBI Pro Ultrasonic Mouse Repeller Wall Plug

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We used a similar product to this one when working on ridding our home of mice and it worked like a charm.

I suggest ordering a few, depending on the size of your home, and placing them in different levels or rooms. That said, the TBI Pro does promise to reach up to 2000 square feet and uses ultrasonic and electromagnetic technologies to help repel not only mice, but also roaches, spiders, rats, ants and more.

Best of all, pets and children will not be affected by the sound.

Southern Homewares Multi-Mouse Catch And Release Trap

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If you would like to catch multiple mice at once (and who doesn’t) then we recommend this catch and release trap for multiple mice. It’s a bit more heavy duty, made with a unique design so it can be placed discreetly in corners.

This mouse trop does not require batteries, winding, or even bait and helps catch multiple mice throughout the day. It does have a clear top so you can see if there are mice inside and it is easy to transport and open so releasing mice is simple and safe.

TENOFO No Kill Trap Kit

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Here is another no-kill trap we love that also comes in a two pack. It’s a simple design that uses trap door technology to safely trap and hold mice until you find them to release them.

You can place this trap in all areas of the home you think you’ve seen signs of mice, including cabinets, basements, garages and sheds. It’s easy to check because the entire mouse trap, (except for the door) is clear.

Plus, it’s super light weight and easy to transport during relocation of the live mice.

AB Traps Human Trap

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AB Traps provides what is possible the most common and recognizable humane trap on the market. These human traps are common amongst professionals who capture and relocate live animals.

It is effective and safe to use, but works best for one mouse as the spring-loaded door closes upon a mouse entering. It’s easy to check as you can see through the cage, however this may not be the best option for those who have mice going in and out of the kitchens and bedrooms.

It is not as discreet as some other trap options on this list and is a bit larger, so it may be more difficult to place. Still, it is a quality trap that is effective and useful for catching live mice.

HAZKO Ultrasonic Pest Repellent

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This is another mouse repellent option to not only rid your house of mice and other pets humanity, but to help keep them out. We like that this particular product comes in a pack of six, so you can use them in separate rooms or different levels of your home to help ensure the best results.

We like that this ultrasonic mouse repellent is simple to use because you just plug it in. However, it does not reach as far as some ultrasonic repellents, but still protects as far as 1200 square feet.

And while this product is safe, completely non-toxic, humane and won’t bother humans, it doesn’t say how pets will handle the sound, so do plenty of research before purchasing this rodent repellent if you have dogs, cats or other pets in the home.

Catcha Two-Piece Smart Mouse Trap

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Last on our list is a smart trap made by Catcha. This is a humane trap that uses snap door technology to help capture live mice. And while one door closes, the other side slides open for simple and safe release.

It can be used multiple times, is easy to clean and sanitize, and doesn’t require the use of poisons, which is always a plus for homes with children and pets. The entire trap is clear as well, so it’s easy to check and see if you’ve caught anything.

We also like the small design, which allows this mouse trap to fit anywhere you may have seen signs of mice or other rodents.

Rolling Log No-Kill Trap

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This humane mouse trap is totally unique, simple and very interesting. The design is quite ingenious, although it does require some mcgivering from you.

You’ll need a five gallon bucket and two items you can use as ramps on either side of the bucket to allow the mice to climb up. Next, just dab a little bit of peanut butter or cheese in the center of the log and leave.

The mice will climb up the ramp and onto the log to get the bait and fall off into the bucket. This trap can catch multiple mice at once and provides a very safe, humane, and simple way to rid your home of mice.

What is our favorite humane mouse trap?

We like the rolling log option above. We love that it catches multiple mice at once and requires very little time or money and allows you to easily release the mice without handling them.

The video below shows how the rolling log mouse trap works.

Setting Up A Humane Trap

Pic 5 two mice in a cage
Put your trap in the same places you have found signs of mice.

Setting up a humane mouse trap is simple. Mice are curious and motivated by food, so set your mouse trap up in areas you have seen signs of them. Bait the trap with cheese (so cliche), or other smelly foods like peanut butter or that will attract a mouse, and then leave it be.

Some humane traps use a see-saw or rolling log options that drops the mouse into the holding cell when it climbs up to get the food. Others are snap doors that close when the mouse gets to the bait. Then there are traps that allow the mouse in but don’t allow it back out, kind of like a primitive fish trap. These types of traps are best for homes looking to dispose of multiple mice at once.

Setting up your mouse trap will depend on the type of trap you decide is right for you and your home. That said, you should still follow some simple guidelines when using a humane mouse trap to catch live mice.

As we mentioned above, it’s best to check the mouse trap every day or so to ensure you find the mouse in time to release it. There is no use going to the trouble of using a humane mouse trap if you are only going to leave the mouse to starve to death in a cage. In that case, it would be best to use a traditional snap trap or rodent poison that kills the mouse instantly so it doesn’t suffer.

What To Do If You Catch A Live Mouse In A Mouse Trap

Pic 6 a mouse on a log
If you catch a live mouse, don’t touch it with your bare hands. Take it as far away from your house as possible before letting it go.

Remember, mice may be cute but they are wild animals. They can bite, hiss, and even carry disease in their feces and saliva.

Never try to touch, pet, or hold a live mouse. When you do catch one, we recommend removing the entire trap and putting it in your car and then drive at least a few miles away from your home before you release the mouse.

Remember, if you simply release the mouse into your backyard, he will likely come right back into your home via the same route he got in last time.

Once you release the mouse, bring the trap home and set it up again to catch any other stragglers. You may want to invest in several humane mouse traps and place them in different areas of your home in order to ensure you get all the mice.

Always wash your hands thoroughly after handling a mouse trap.

Expert Tips On Keeping Mice From Your Home

Pic 7 a mother and child sit on a couch
Keep your house pest free by implementing good habits and staying vigilant. 

As you may have noticed from our list of mouse traps and rodent repellents, some of our favorite mouse-remedies come in the form of sonic technology. These tools really came in handy when my parents were working to keep our home mouse-free after they discovered how much I despised traditional mouse traps.

Honestly, these sound machines worked incredibly well and we eventually stopped catching mice in our traps all together because they just stopped coming into our home.

I would recommend these sound machines to anyone with an ongoing mouse problem to help ensure mice stop finding their home so hospitable.

However, if you have pets, make sure the sound frequencies used won’t bother them. While harm-free, the sounds are meant to be unpleasant and can be stressful to animals that can hear them like dogs, cats and pet rodents like hamsters, guinea pigs and rats.

You can also help keep your home rodent and pest free by keeping it swept and vacuumed regularly. Routinely clean out cabinets and throw out old foods like opened cereal boxes, crackers and cookies.

Purchase air-tight containers to help keep rodents and pests out of your pantry and make sure you cock and seal any openings around your home.

And, if you are not allergic or are able, you can always adopt a cat. House cats not only make wonderful, loving companions but they are also excellent little mouse repellers.

What do you think? Do you believe a humane trap is the way to go when dealing with a rodent problem in your home? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

Best Humane Mouse Trap