10 Best Flea Foggers And Flea Bombs

No one wants to discover they have fleas in their home and no one wants to have to search for the best flea foggers and flea bombs. It’s a horrible and uncomfortable feeling knowing you may be a parasite’s blood host.

If you’ve noticed the telltale signs of a flea infestation in your home, (for example, if you find flea dirt, flea bites, and even fleas themselves) then you are most certainly on a mission to rid them from your residence.

Exterminators and professionals can be expensive and time consuming, which is why many people often decide to try flea bombs or flea foggers first to rid their residnece of these bloodsucking pests.

However, most people who have a flea infestation also have pets since fleas usually enter your home by hitching a ride on your dog or cat. That said, using a flea bomb or flea fogger can be a concern, considering how toxic they are.

Don’t worry. When used properly, the best flea foggers and flea bombs are safe to use and can work effectively to kill fleas and rid your home of an infestation. Today, we are going to help you pick the best flea foggers and flea bombs for you and your home, and talk about how you can keep those fleas from ever coming back.

Let’s get started.

What Are Flea Foggers And Flea Bombs?

Pic 1 a cartoon drawing of bug spray
Getting rid of fleas may mean having to use chemicals like insecticides.

Flea foggers and flea bombs are the same thing. They are typically aerosol cans filled with toxic chemicals that are meant to kill not only fleas, but also a number of other pests including spiders, ticks, bedbugs, roaches and more.

They are called foggers and bombs because of the way they work. Unlike a spray insecticide, the best flea foggers and bombs must be activated after the home has been evacuated. Once activated, a single can of fogger will disperses its entire contents into the infected living space.

Even if you find the best flea foggers and flea bombs that claim to be safe to use in homes with pets and children, it’s important to keep in mind that they should still not be activated in homes while children and pets, (or other adults, for that matter), are still inside.

The two most common ingredients found in the best flea foggers and bombs are pyrethrin and permethrin1.

Pyrethrin is a less concentrated form of pyrethrum, which is a toxin derived naturally from flowers.

Permethrin1 is a human-made, synthetic insecticide that is usually more effective than pyrethrin, but also more toxic.

When used properly, the best flea foggers can work well. However, we should note that, depending on the severity of the infestation in your residence, even the best flea foggers may not work to completely rid your home of fleas and pests.

Are The Best Flea Foggers And Flea Bombs Safe To Use Around Pets And Kids??

Pic 2 a little girl and a dog asleep
Not all flea bombs and flea foggers are safe to use around pets and children.

As we mentioned above, flea foggers work by using toxic chemicals to kill pests like fleas, ticks, spiders, etc. That said, these insecticides are not safe for children and pets to inhale or touch. In fact, flea foggers are so toxic that experts even recommend homeowners remove plants from the home before setting them off.

However, flea foggers can be used safely when administered correctly. If you have children and pets in the home, it is wise to use extra caution when using a flea fogger.  Make sure you remove children and pets from the home before activating your flea fogger and keep them out of the home for several hours, even after ventilation and cleanup has occurred.

Pros And Cons Of Flea Foggers And Flea Bombs

Pic 3 a woman and man with a poodle and a cat
Choosing between a flea bomb and flea fogger will depend on your unique situation and the severity of your flea problem.

Due to the level of toxicity, flea bombs can be controversial and somewhat concerning for homeowners with pets and kiddos. That said, they are a cheaper and sometimes quicker way for people to rid their homes of pests like fleas, especially if the infestation isn’t too terrible yet.

That said, there are some pros and cons to even the best flea foggers, and it’s important you consider these pros and cons before deciding if a flea fogger or flea bomb is right for you.

Pros Of Flea Foggers And Flea Bombs

  • Flea bombs are less expensive than exterminators
  • The best flea foggers and flea bombs are easy to use in small spaces
  • Flea foggers and flea bombs not only kill fleas, but other pests as well
  • Flea foggers and bombs can help prevent future infestations

Cons Of Flea Foggers And Flea Bombs 

  • Flea foggers and flea bombs are highly toxic and must be used with caution
  • They can cause stains and messes
  • Even the best flea foggers and flea bombs can leave a foul odor
  • You may have to use flea foggers more than once to effectively kill fleas
  • Not all flea foggers kill flea eggs and larvae
  • Flea bombs are flammable and you may need to turn off your pilot light
  • Even the best flea foggers and bombs may not be enough to get rid of a flea infestation

10 Best Flea Foggers And Flea Bombs

Pic 4 a picture of an insecticide
Flea foggers tend to use less chemicals than flea bombs but may not be as effective. 

Even at first glance, it’s clear there are more cons than pros when it comes to flea foggers and flea bombs. With that being said, we do want to remind you again that these products can be used safely and work effectively if done right.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the best flea foggers and flea bombs on the market today.

Hot Shot Flea Fogger

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Hot Shot is a name we are very familiar with and we like that this fogger not only kills parasites like fleas, but it also works to eliminate ticks, lice and even bedbugs. This product also contains Nylar, which inhibits growth from flea eggs into adults to reduce breeding and biting.

This flea bomb made it to our list of best flea foggers because it’s good for indoor use as well and covers up to 2,000 cubic feet. It also reduces the chances of secondary infestations and promises to give you up to seven months of protection.

We should note you must remove pets and children (and yourself) from the area you are fogging and leave the fog to sit for two hours. When you return, you are to open windows and ventilate for another two hours or more, depending on the smell and density of the fogger.

Raid Flea Fogger For Carpets And Rooms

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Raid offers another popular flea fogger option that can be used on carpets and throughout bedrooms. Like all of the best flea foggers, this fogger kills fleas and eggs immediately upon contact and keeps them from returning or flea eggs from hatching for up to four months.

We like that you can use this flea fogger on carpets and the fact that it doesn’t stain or leave marks on surfaces.  It also works on ticks. Again, do not spray with children or pets in the home and leave the sprayed area while the fogger is in use.

Zodiac Flea And Tick Fogger

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When looking for the best flea foggers, we came across this product by Zodiac. It works on a number of blood sucking parasites including fleas, mosquitoes and ticks, and also helps prevent spiders, cockroaches, ants and silverfish. It also kills flea eggs and larvae.

What we like best is that it doesn’t leave a musky odor and cleans up easily. That said, we should note that this flea fogger doesn’t work on as many cubic feet as some of the other best flea foggers on our list, getting up to 1,125 feet.

Precor Plus Flea Fogger

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Another product we found when researching best flea foggers was made by  Precor Plus. We looked this fogger over and like that, like many of our favorite flea foggers, it doesn’t leave a long lasting smell and prevents reinfestation for up to seven months. It is easy to clean up and doesn’t leave stains or marks on furniture or walls.

As with most of the best flea foggers on this list, the active ingredient in this flea fogger is Methoprene and Permethrin, so it is made to specifically kill fleas and flea eggs. That said, it should be used with caution as it does contain strong insecticides. Read the instructions carefully before use.

Vet Kem Siphotrol Plus Flea Fogger

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Next on our list of best flea foggers is Siphotrol Plus by Vet-Kem. This product reaches the farthest as far as indoor foggers on this list, reaching up to 3,000 square feet.

Everyone should be removed from the home before treatment, and you can use this fogger to treat one room or the entire house, depending on the infestation. This flea fogger is specifically designed to control and kill fleas, flea eggs and flea larvae and prevent another flea infestation by protecting your home for up to seven months.

Raid Fumigator For Fleas And Other Pests

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Another Raid flea fogger we like is the fumigator. This is a heavy duty bug fogger that works on a number of insects and parasites like fleas, spiders, ticks and more. This made our list of the best flea foggers and flea bombs because of its effectiveness, however it is very strong and uses heavy-duty ingredients so be very careful to keep it away from pets and children.

This product is meant to kill pests even if they are hiding in your home, which means it fumigates to cracks and crevices as well. While we do like it for it’s effectiveness, we do encourage families with children and pets to use it with caution.

Black Flag Flea Fogger For Indoor use

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Black Flag is a popular flea and insect fogger for outdoor use, and now they are offering a fogger for indoor use as well. The fogger above offers six fogger containers so you can use it to fog just one area of your home or the entire home, depending on your flea problem.

We personally think this is one of the best flea foggers for killing on contact, although we should note it only lasts for around 12 weeks, which means it’s not as effective in the long term as some of the other flea foggers on our list.

With that being said, it also works on other insects and pests, although it does warn that it doesn’t kill brown recluse spiders. Furthermore, this doesn’t leave a harsh odor and instead leaves a fresh scent.

Spectracide Indoor Flea Fogger

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This flea fogger by Spectracide has some of the best reviews we could find when looking for the best flea foggers available, although we will admit we haven’t personally tried this one. That said, it is meant for indoor use and promises not to stain or damage furniture, walls, curtains or flooring.

It also helps reduce infestations of not only fleas, but other insects like spiders, ticks, mosquitoes and more.

Hot Shot No-Mess Indoor Fogger

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Hot Shot has made it back on our list of best flea foggers with a no-mess, odor neutralizing flea bomb. Because some flea foggers are flammable, it’s important to turn off your pilot light when spraying your home.

However, with this product you don’t need to go to that extent. We also like that it doesn’t leave a hersh odor, works on a number of bugs, and doesn’t damage indoor furniture, flooring or surfaces.

However, it does not last as long as some of the other foggers on this list and only inhibits reinfestiations for up to six weeks.

HARRIS Indoor Flea Fogger

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Last on our list of best flea foggers and bombs is the indoor flea fogger by HARRIS. It works against fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, spiders and more, and is specifically meant for indoor use and small spaces.

While effective, this flea fogger only lasts for twelve weeks and may not be as effective against flea infestations as some of the other foggers on this list. We recommend you read the instructions carefully and use it depending on the severity of your flea infestation.

The Truth About Fleas – The Dirty Details You Need To Know

Pic 5 a closeup of a flea
Fleas are small, wingless insects that feed on blood.

Fleas are wingless parasites that can be found nearly everywhere, although they thrive best in warm and humid environments.

They are most common in areas where wild animals are present, but they can also be found near garbage cans or fruit trees, as they are attracted to animals who may be brought in by the smell of rotting fruit and foods. Fleas are very small but still visible to the naked eye, and while they cannot fly, they can jump.

Most flea infestations in homes are brought on by unprotected pets. Fleas prefer animals to humans as hosts because they are able to burrow down inside a pet’s fur. However, that doesn’t mean fleas won’t use you as a blood host if they can.

Humans fall victim to fleas and flea bites just like animals, and sometimes bites become itchy and infected. Fleas may also carry serious diseases including Typhoid, which is transmittable to both pets and humans.

For this reason, it’s very important to take a flea infestation seriously and act immediately to rid fleas from your home and pets using either the best flea foggers or flea bombs available or using a professional exterminator.

Do you have a flea infestation in your home? Here’s what to look for:

  • Pets who are excessively scratching
  • Red marks and spots on your pet’s skin beneath their fur
  • Brown specks on furniture or carpets that turn red when met with water (also known as “flea dirt”)
  • Black debris on your pet’s bedding that resembles pepper
  • Red marks or itchy bites on your own skin
  • Fleas hopping around your carpets and furniture

The video below does a wonderful job of further explaining fleas and how to better control these parasites.

Flea Bombing Your Home Safely And Effectively

Pic 6 a flea with eggs drawing
Part of successfully flea bombing your house means making sure you get flea eggs and larvae. 

In order to safely and properly flea bomb your home or residence, there are certain procedures and steps you need to follow. It is also very important to carefully read the instructions on your flea bomb or flea fogger so you know you are following the particular instructions for each fogger.

That said, there are some common practices you should follow when using even the best flea foggers, and we have listed those practices below.

Prepare The Room

Remove any exposed food including pet food and water dishes. Remove toys and toiletries, and any other items meant to go in the mouth, eyes, ears or nose.

Evacuate The House

Remove children, pets and plants from the home. Flea bombs are toxic not only to fleas and pests, but to all living things. Never activate a flea bomb while people or pets are present, even if the flea bomb says it is “pet safe”.

Remember That Flea Bombs Can Be Flammable 

Read the directions on your flea bomb carefully. Some flea foggers require owners to turn off pilot lights. It is also best to turn off and unplug all electronics including appliances and lights.

Activate Your Flea Fogger

Wearing a mask and gloves, place your flea bomb on the floor in the center of the room you want to fumigate. Activate your fogger and then leave your house immediately. If you have breathing issues, asthma, or other chronic health problems it may be best to have someone else activate the fogger for you. Once the bomb is activated you cannot return to the house for several hours, depending on the specific flea fogger instructions.

Make Sure You Clean Up Thoroughly Before Bringing Pets And Children Back Inside

Some flea foggers and flea bombs recommend the house stay vacant for two hours or more before it is safe to return. We suggest returning alone after the time safely allotted and opening as many windows and doors as possible to help ventilate the area. You may also use fans to help improve the ventilation process.

Although some flea bombs and foggers may leave a fresh smelling odor, remember that the odor is toxic and you must ventilate the home completely. Vacuum all carpets and clean furniture and surfaces as thoroughly as possible before allowing children and pets back into the home.

What If My Flea Bomb Or Fogger Doesn’t Work? 

Sometimes, depending on the infestation, you may need to use several flea bombs or foggers and you may need to activate them more than once.

Remember, even the best flea foggers and flea bombs may not be effective against severe infestations. In this case, you may need to contact a local exterminator or professional in your area.

Pro Tips On Preventing A Flea Infestation

Pic 7 cartoon drawing of flea collars and brushes and sprays
Using preventatives like flea collars for dogs and cats will help prevent fleas in the first place.

Before you find yourself in the position of having to look for the best flea foggers and flea bombs, there are a few things you can do to prevent flea infestations in the first place.

Since pets are typically the source of flea infestations in homes, most veterinarians and professionals recommend dogs and cats be pretreated and protected against fleas and ticks.

You can protect your pet from fleas and ticks a number of ways, including topical treatments, oral treatments and even special flea and tick collars.

Along with pretreating your pets, we also recommend keeping your yard tidy. If you have backyard fruit trees, pick up fallen fruit as often as possible and keep your lawn mowed short.

Bring full garbage bins outside in the mornings just before the garbage truck arrives and then return your trash cans back to your garage once they are empty to prevent wild animals like flea-infested racoons from being attracted to your property and spreading fleas.

Vacuum your house often and be vigilant about your pet’s hygiene and overall behavior. If you see your dog or cat excessively scratching or biting at themselves and you haven’t had them treated with a flea and tick preventative, we suggest you schedule a visit to your local veterinarian’s office.

And remember, even the best flea foggers may not be enough to rid your home of fleas, and often flea foggers and bombs will need to be used in conjunction with other flea-repellant remedies.

We hope this article has been helpful and you were able to find the best flea fogger or flea bomb for you and your situation.

Best of luck!

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