Best Gopher Poison And Gopher Traps – Top 10 Recommendations 

If you’re tired of seeing your garden infested with gophers, then it’s time to take action. As a gardener, you have many options when it comes to getting rid of gophers, but the question is: which is the best?

You can either use gopher poison or traps. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Let’s take a look at both options and see which one works best for you.

But First, What Are Gophers?

1 a gopher in a hole
Gophers are a type of rodent that can cause serious damage in your garden.

Gophers are burrowing mammals of the family Geomyidae. They are commonly known for their extensive tunneling activity, which can devastate agricultural fields, golf courses and lawns. Gopher tunneling can be a major economic problem for farmers, who must use gopher-proof planting methods and/or trapping to protect their crops.

Gophers have short stocky bodies with thick fur that is usually brownish gray. They have small eyes and ears and a stubby snout. Their tails are short and they have long claws on their front feet used for digging. Their fur is thickest in the winter when they hibernate underground, but they shed it in warmer weather so they can move more easily through tunnels. Gophers have one litter of young each year, with up to three babies per litter. Young are born in spring after a gestation period of only 21 days!

Because gophers are rodents that live in underground burrows, they can cause a lot of damage to your yard and garden. They tunnel under ground, eating roots and stems of plants, creating mounds of dirt as they go.

Although gophers prefer to eat roots and stems, they will dig up bulbs and plants if there isn’t enough food available in their tunnels. They will also eat grubs that have been killed by pesticides.

In addition to eating the roots and stems of plants, gophers dig deep holes in the earth that allow water to drain into the ground instead of collecting on top of it like it should. This can lead to flooding during heavy rains or snow melt.

Gophers also create “middens” as they tunnel through soil. These middens are piles of dirt that are left behind when gophers exit their burrows after eating their fill of roots or bulbs underground. You’ll usually find middens around your yard when you notice an area with bare patches where grass used to grow; this is an indication that gophers may be nearby and it may be time to look into the best gopher poison or gopher traps to get rid of them.

Why Are Gophers Attracted To Your Garden?

2 a gopher coming out of dirt
Gophers are attracted to sandy soil that allows them to burrow.

Before you start looking into the best gopher poisons or gopher traps, it’s important to consider why you might have gophers in your yard in the first place. Gophers spend most of their time in their tunnels, which can be up to 50 feet long and 10 feet deep, but that doesn’t mean they go unnoticed.

Remember, gophers feed on plants like carrots and lettuce, but they also eat insects and earthworms. In fact, gophers will eat just about anything — plant roots, bulbs, tubers, fruits and vegetables. They especially love onions and garlic! Gophers will sometimes eat other small animals as well as insects, worms, and even other gophers.

Gophers also like to munch on crops such as corn, wheat and alfalfa hay.They get most of their water from their food sources, but sometimes they will drink from puddles or other sources when needed.

There are several reasons why gophers are attracted to your garden. The most common reason is because there is food available for them to eat. If you have a large garden with lush grass or vegetables, then you probably have some sort of gopher problem going on.

Another reason why gophers may be attracted to your garden is because they like to burrow into the earth and make tunnels through it. This allows them to explore their surroundings safely since they can hide inside these tunnels when predators come around looking for them (like cats). If you have soil that is sandy and easy for them to sift through, this could be attracting these pests.

As we mentioned, gophers are nocturnal creatures, so it’s not always likely that you’ll actually see a gopher in action. Still, there are signs to look for to identify if you’re dealing with gophers and if you need to look into getting the best gopher poison or gopher traps.

Here are some common signs of gophers in your yard:

Mounds of dirt: Gophers create mounds of dirt around their burrows as they dig through the soil looking for food and water sources. These mounds can become very large over time and lead to an uneven appearance in your yard or garden space.

Holes along fence lines: Gophers often dig holes along fence lines so they can move from one area to another without being seen by predators like hawks and owls who hunt for food at night when gophers are active above ground.

Finely shredded grass or other plants: Finely shredded grass or other plants in the area where the mound is located could be another sign it’s time to look into the best gopher poison or gopher traps. If you see this type of damage, look for small holes in the ground around it that have been covered with loose dirt. This is a telltale sign you’re dealing with gophers.

The Pros and Cons Of Using Gopher Poison Vs Gopher Traps

3 a gopher on the ground
Gopher control can be tricky but you have multiple options.

When it comes to gopher control, the most common method of killing gophers is by using poison. However, using even the best gopher poison is somewhat controversial. You can also opt to use traps and even other methods like gopher repellents.

If you have a severe gopher problem, it may be best to use several methods in conjunction with one another to help manage your problem most effectively.

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of using gopher poison, as well as the pros and cons of using gopher traps.

The pros of using the best gopher poison

Gopher poison is an effective way to kill gophers. The best gopher poison often does not leave a bad odor. The poison works quickly and will not cause pain to the animal. This method is also easy to use because it comes in granular form that can easily be sprinkled around the gopher’s hole entrance. The poison takes about two weeks to fully eradicate gophers; however, you should use caution when spreading the poison because it may kill other animals as well as gophers if they eat it by mistake.

The cons of using the best gopher poison

The cons of using the best gopher poison are that not all poisons are created equally. Some gopher poisons can take some time for the gopher to die. Depending on which gopher poison you use, it can take a few days for the gopher to die. This can be a problem for a few reasons. First, you likely want to get rid of gophers immediately when looking for the best gopher poison or gopher traps to do the job.

The second reason this could be a problem is because using gopher poison is not always considered humane. Unless you use a gopher poison that kills the animal quickly without causing pain, then the animal could die a slow and painful death that is quite controversial.

Another con of using even the best gopher poison is that it could be harmful to other animals and even pets or children. When using gopher poison, it’s imperative that you do so exactly as directed and keep children and pets away from any areas you have spread the poison to ensure their safety.

The pros of using gopher traps

Gopher traps can be a great option for someone who wants to get rid of gophers quickly and easily. They are sometimes more effective than poisons, and they are often much less expensive than hiring someone to dig up your lawn.

Gopher traps don’t require you to be an expert. All you have to do is follow the instructions that come with the trap and set it up properly. If you don’t want to deal with any mess or hassle, you can even hire someone else to do it for you.

Gopher traps are also more cost effective than many options and you can use them as often as needed. If you want to get rid of gophers without having them return again and again, then traps are the way to go. Traps cost less than poisons, and they also require less time investment from you than other methods.

And finally, traps work quickly. Gopher traps kill gophers immediately. This means that there will be no need to wait for poisons to kick in and you won’t need to worry about whether or not you are using a humane method for getting rid of gophers.

The cons of using gopher traps

While gopher traps are effective at eliminating unwanted pests from your home and garden, they do have some drawbacks as well.

Not all traps will work equally well with all gophers. Some traps may work better than others depending on how they are baited or how they are set.

Another downside is that traps must be properly maintained in order to work effectively. If you are not careful, the gopher can escape from the trap, which will make it necessary for you to reset it. This can be time consuming, especially if there are multiple traps set up around your property. You also have to check them regularly in order to ensure that nothing has gone wrong with them and that they are still working properly.

Top Five Gopher Poison Options

4 a gopher on wood
Gopher poison is controversial though it can be effective.

Choosing the best gopher poison option is important. It can be hard to decide which one will work best in your situation. Here are some things to consider as you make your choice:

How many gophers are there?

If there are just a few gophers in your yard, you may want to try using a trap instead of the best gopher poison. If you have more than 10 gophers, it’s probably worth buying a commercial poison.

How much damage are they doing?

If the gophers are causing significant damage to your lawn or garden, then it’s time to take action. You can either buy a quality commercial poison or use both baits and traps at once.

What kind of soil do you have?

You’ll need to consider what kind of soil you have when choosing which commercial poison would be the best gopher poison to buy. If you have sandy soil, any commercial product will probably work fine for killing gophers because they will easily be applied and gophers can easily access this baited poison by digging up through their burrows.

Below are some of the best gopher poison options recommended by experts for you to consider.

Victor M6006 Outdoor Gopher Poison

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Victor M6006 is a powerful, fast-acting poison, baking it one of the best gopher poison products. It can be used by homeowners and professional exterminators alike. The active ingredient is Diphacinone, which causes rapid poisoning and death in gophers.

To use this product, set out the bait stations around the perimeter of your garden or yard. You may want to place them below a board or sheet of plywood so they are somewhat below the ground and easier to access by the gophers (and less likely to be disturbed by other animals). The bait station should be placed every 20 feet along your property line or foundation wall.

It is best to place the baits near existing runs or burrows, but not directly in them. Just outside their entry point is often good enough.

Tomcat Mole & Gopher Poison Bait

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Tomcat Mole & Gopher Poison Bait is another one of the best gopher poison products to help you get rid of gophers. This bait contains castor and peanut oils as well as an attractant that will make the gopher want to eat it.

The active ingredient in Tomcat mole and gopher bait is diphacinone, which is an OP (Organophosphate) pesticide. It is a highly toxic substance that causes paralysis and death of the gopher within about 12 hours after eating the poison.

Tomcat mole & gopher bait works best when placed directly in the tunnel where you think the animal might be traveling. The tunnels are usually located at or near their burrows, so placing this poison bait in these areas is your best bet for getting rid of them quickly and easily.

The first thing you’ll need to do before applying Tomcat mole & gopher bait is locate their burrows. You can do this by looking for mounds of dirt on top of the ground where you see signs of digging such as piles of dirt or holes with fresh dirt around them. Once you’ve found these mounds, place some Tomcat mole & gopher bait into each hole so they’ll have access to it whenever they come back out again.

Victor Power Kill Humane Snap Rat Trap

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The Victor Power Kill Humane Snap Rat Trap is an effective way to kill rats and other rodents. It is made of heavy-duty metal, has a yellow trigger and is easy to set with one hand. The trap can be used in indoor or outdoor areas and comes with a protective bait cup that holds the bait.

Use the included plastic bait cup to place your bait inside the trap. Set the trap by placing it on a flat surface where you have seen signs of rodent activity. When you press down on the yellow trigger, it will snap shut when it senses weight on top of it. This triggers a powerful spring-loaded mechanism that kills the rodent instantly when it closes.

Monterey Go-Die Gopher Bait

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The Monterey Go-Die Gopher Bait is another one of the best gopher poison products.

This product is made from natural ingredients that are safe for humans and pets. The active ingredients are Sodium Fluoroacetate (20% bait) and Thiamethoxam (0.05%). This combination is very effective at killing gophers, but it is safe for use around children, pets and other animals.

The only thing you need to do with this bait is place it in holes along the perimeter of your property where you see signs of gopher activity. When the gopher finds the bait, he will eat it and die within 24 hours. You should see results within a week after placing the bait in their tunnels.

Motomco Gopher Killer

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Gophers can be a nuisance and even cause damage to your lawn and garden. Use Motomco Gopher Killer to get rid of gophers quickly, safely and humanely. This product is easy-to-use and comes in a convenient squeeze bottle that allows you to apply it directly into the burrow where you see signs of gophers.

Using the Motomco Gopher Killer is simple. The first step is to locate the active burrows (usually visible as mounds of dirt in your yard). Once you’ve located an active burrow, simply squeeze the Motomco Gopher Killer directly into the hole. You may need more than one application if you have multiple active burrows or if they are very deep. Make sure that you do not use this product on plants that may be eaten by other animals or humans like vegetables in vegetable gardens.

Top Five Gopher Trap Options

5 a gopher in a burrow
Gopher traps can work better than poisons in many circumstances.

Gopher traps are another great way to eliminate gophers. There are several different types of gopher traps available, but not all of them work in the same way.

Remember, gophers are burrowing rodents that live in groups called colonies. They dig extensive tunnel systems underground. Gophers often chew up your plants, lawns and gardens, which is why many people want to get rid of them.

If you want to trap gophers, you need to know how to choose the best gopher traps for killing gophers based on the gophers’ habitat and lifestyle.

The first thing that you need to consider when choosing a gopher trap is how easy it is to use. You don’t want a trap that is hard to set up or difficult to operate. A good option for a gopher trap would be one that comes with instructions and is easy enough for anyone to use without having any previous experience using gopher traps before.

You also have the option to choose eco-safe traps. These types of traps work by using an electric current that goes through their metal plates which causes them to short out instantly once they touch anything metal (such as a fence post). This will then cause the gopher to die from electrocution within seconds after contact has been made.

Below are five different types of the best gopher traps you can choose from to determine which might be right for you.

Cinch Gopher Trap

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The Cinch Gopher Trap comes with two traps and a funnel system that directs the gopher into the trap. The trap itself has a bait cup attached to it, so you can place peanut butter or other bait inside of it. When the gopher eats your bait, he will trigger the trap door to close on him, killing him instantly.

This method is much more humane than using poison or gas because it kills the animal much more quickly than even the best gopher poison. It is also safer for use around children and pets because it is non-toxic.

Victor Easy Set Weather-Resistant Gopher Trap

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Victor Easy Set Weather-Resistant Gopher Traps are a quick and easy way to control gophers. These traps can be used in any season, and they’re ideal for larger areas. Victor Easy Set Weather-Resistant Gopher Traps are easy to set, have no springs to corrode, are reusable and have a large chute for easy bait placement.

Place the trap along active gopher runways or anywhere you suspect gophers may be traveling. Push the stakes into the ground to secure the trap. Bait the large opening on top of the trap with a smelly food like peanut butter or bacon grease.

Blackhole Trap – Mole and Gopher Trap

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Blackhole trap is probably the most effective and humane gopher trap on the market. It’s a great way to get rid of moles and gophers without having to resort to poison. The trap itself is easy to set up and use, but it does require some patience and persistence before you see results.

The black hole mole & gopher trap works by using live bait to lure the animals into the tunnel, where they fall into the chamber below. Once inside, they can’t escape due to the funnel-shaped walls at each end of the tunnel. Once trapped inside, they die.

Wire Tek EasySet Gopher Eliminator Trap

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The Wire Tek EasySet Gopher Eliminator Trap is designed to capture and kill gophers. It can also be used for moles, voles, chipmunks and other similar-sized mammals. This trap has been designed to be used by homeowners and gardeners who want to control the population of gophers without having to deal with chemicals or poisons.

It is easy to set this trap up because there are no tools required. You just have to follow the instructions on the package and you will be able to use this product within minutes.

Catchmaster Savage Professional Strength Easy Set Gopher Trap

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The Catchmaster Savage Professional Strength Easy Set Gopher Trap is a lethal gopher trap that will kill the gophers that are causing you problems on your property.

The Catchmaster Savage Professional Strength Easy Set Gopher Trap has been tested at over 1,000 pounds of pressure and has an effective trigger release system to ensure that it does not come into contact with the ground when it is set. The gopher trap also has two different bait stations so that you can use peanut butter or bacon as bait for the gophers – whichever you find works best.

Gopher Poison And Gopher Traps – What Experts Say

6 a diagram of gophers
Getting rid of gophers can be tricky, but it is possible with the right methods.

There are many ways to get rid of gophers and other pests, but you have to know your options before you can decide what is best for your situation. Some methods are more effective than others, and some are more humane. Here’s a look at some of the most common ways to deal with these destructive creatures.

The Best Gopher Poison

As we discussed above, the best gopher poison is one of the most effective ways to kill gophers and other pests, but it’s also one of the most controversial. Poison does work, but it can be dangerous if you’re not careful. You need to make sure that children and pets stay away from areas where poison has been used. Poisons may also leave you with dead gophers in areas of your property you can’t locate, which leads to a terrible smell. Furthermore, even the best gopher poison may be deadly to other animals you don’t intend on harming, and they can be dangerous for pets like dogs and cats.

The Best Gopher Traps

Traps are another way that homeowners can try to get rid of gophers and other animals like moles and ground squirrels. There are many different types available on the market today, as we went over above, but they all work essentially the same way. They trap the animal and either kill it quickly or allow you to trap it alive so you can release it elsewhere.

Other Tips On Keeping Gophers Out Of Your Yard

Once you’ve gotten rid of gophers using the best gopher poison or the best gopher traps, it’s important to keep them from coming back. The most common way to do this is to repel gophers from the area through repellents.

Repellents are substances that you can apply directly onto the ground where gophers live, and come in the form of scent repellents, ultrasonic repellents, or even motion activated repellents.

We should note that Some repellents contain ammonia and other strong smelling chemicals that may work well for repelling gophers, but can also be harmful if inhaled or ingested by animals or humans. The best way to use repellents is on a small scale, because if too much is used it can create an odor that is unpleasant for anyone in the area.

You can also get rid of gophers by ensuring your yard is less attractive to them.

Mulch can be used as another method of keeping gophers away from your garden or lawn, because it helps keep moisture in the soil so they do not want to dig near it. Mulch also makes it harder for them to dig through your lawn and garden. The best type of mulch is wood chips, as they are biodegradable and decompose over time.

You can also use shredded bark, pine needles and straw. If you want to make sure that the gopher will not be able to come back, you can also add some pebbles on top of your mulch layer. This will prevent them from digging under your garden or lawn as well as give you an aesthetic look.

So, now that you know more about the best gopher poison and the best gopher traps, which option do you think will be best for you? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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