Best Ultrasonic Bat Repeller

Are you on the hunt for the best ultrasonic bat repeller? If so, chances are you’re dealing with bats.

The more we learn about bats, the more we come to realize what beneficial animals they really are to have around our homes (but not in our homes). These flying mammals are wonderful natural pest control agents and help get rid of pesky insects like mosquitoes, which is always a plus.

Still, being overrun by bats can cause serious problems. Worse, if bats infiltrate your home and decide to nest in your chimney, attic, garage, or elsewhere on your property, you could be in for the longhall.

Bats are protected by a number of wildlife groups and it’s often illegal to physically evict them once they’ve roosted and have had babies. So, what do you do if you have bats hanging around?

Why, you look for the best ultrasonic bat repeller, of course!

Today is your lucky day. We are going to go over some of the best ultrasonic bat repeller products and even learn about a few other methods you can use to go about protecting your home from bats.

Let’s begin!

What Are Bats?

Pic 1 roosting bats
Bats are not related to rodents, as many people think. 

Before we dive into looking at the best ultrasonic bat repeller products, it’s important to understand a bit about bats.

Contrary to popular belief, bats are not rodents. In fact, bats are not even closely related to rats or mice. Bats are mammals and are in fact the only mammals capable of flying. Bats are found all over the world and on every continent except for a few isolated islands and in Antarctica, where it is too cold for them to survive.

There are nearly 1,200 species of bats across the world but just 40 different species of bats in the United States. That said, the two species most commonly to blame for roosting in your home are brown bats. There are two types of brown bats – the big brown bat and the little brown bat (both of which weigh less than 0.62 ounces and are therefore “little’ if you know what we mean).

Unfortunately, bats do have a bad rep. Commonly associated with Halloween and vampires, bats are often seen as filthy, vicious, and even disease-ridden creatures that should be feared instead of respected and admired.

The truth is, bats are actually incredibly clean mammals who are usually docile and stay away from humans and animals as much as possible. And while there are some species of bats who feed on animal blood or other animals, the bats you are most likely to encounter (the common brown bats) are fruit and insect eaters.

And when it comes to disease, keep in mind that less than 1% of bats carry rabies. Of course, that doesn’t mean if you see a bat you should go up and pet one. They do have sharp teeth and can bite if provoked.

Bats are also nocturnal animals who, like dolphins, use echolocation to find their way around. That said, bats are not blind, as many mistakenly believe. Still, they prefer the dark and are often found roosting in abandoned mines, caves, attics, and other dark and sheltered places.

Depending on where you live, bat roosting colonies may be protected by your state or certain conservation laws. While this is important, considering bats are such beneficial animals and considering they only give birth to one pup a year, it can be problematic if a bat roosts in your home.

So, the best thing you can do to avoid having a protected bat roosting colony hanging out in your walls, attic, or chimney is to make those areas less inviting to them by using repellents like the best ultrasonic bat repeller and other remedies to keep them outside.

But what if you already have a bat problem in your home? Will the best ultrasonic bat repeller work to get rid of them? And how do you know if you are dealing with a bat problem in the first place?

Keep reading to find out.

Bat Damage – How To Recognize A Bat Problem

Pic 2 bats flying away at dusk
If you often see a large number of bats flying away from your home at dusk, you likely have a bat problem. 

While we do respect bats and appreciate all the good things they do for us, we still don’t want them roosting in our homes. When they roost inside our walls, attics, chimneys, and other spaces in our homes, bats can cause serious structural damage.

Worse, the accumulation of bat droppings and urine can lead to secondary health issues, especially in people with sensitivities and chronic illnesses like asthma.

But how do you know if you are dealing with a bat problem inside your home? Typically, the first sign of a bat infestation is a large accumulation of guano (bat droppings). Guano looks very similar to mouse or rat droppings, but you can tell it apart upon closer inspection. Unlike rodent droppings, which are smooth and often the shape of rice, guano is lumpy, misshapen, and dimpled.

This video further explains how to tell the difference between guano and rodent droppings. 

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture” allowfullscreen></iframe>

Another sign of a bat infestation in your home is the scent of urine or a foul odor. You may also hear chirping around dawn or dusk which can sound similar to the chirping made by crickets. And, if you listen closely, you may hear fluttering sounds in your walls or wherever you suspect bat activity. This is because bats’ wings make these sounds when they move about in their roosting spot.

If you think you have bats, take a step outside around dusk and watch your home. Bats often leave when the sun sets to find food. If you notice a large group of bats flying away from your home, you likely have bats roosting there.

But if bats are protected and you are not allowed to physically make them leave once they’ve roosted in your property, what do you do next?

The best plan of action, according to experts, is to try and force the bats out using humane methods like deterrents, sounds, lights, and the best ultrasonic bat repeller product you can find.

What Is The Best Ultrasonic Bat Repeller And How Does It Work?

Pic 3 a brown bat with its mouth open

Ultrasonic bat repellers work to irritate bats so they leave your home. 

Because roosting bats are often protected, it can be difficult to get rid of them. It is often illegal in many states and regions to trap bats, kill bats, or try and relocate bats yourselves, even if you are professional.

In some cases, your only option is to try and make your home as intolerable for bats as possible. This is why many experts recommend using the best ultrasonic bat repeller product you can find.

The best ultrasonic bat repeller is a device that uses ultrasonic sound waves, vibrations, and sometimes even lights to irritate bats and force them to move on. As some experts explain, the best ultrasonic bat repeller would be the equivalent of a blow horn or train horn blasting in your ear. That said, these repellers do not harm the bats, but make their living condition completely inhospitable which often leads to them leaving on their own.

However, we should note that even the best ultrasonic bat repeller products are controversial because they are not always 100% effective. Still, many people find that they do work well, especially when used alongside other bat repellents.

Best of all, the best ultrasonic bat repeller products will not irritate humans or pets and they can often repel other annoying pests like insects and rodents.

Are you curious about some of the best ultrasonic bat repeller products on the market? We have listed a few of our favorites for you below. Take a look!

ET Pest Control Bat Targeting Repeller

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First on our list of best ultrasonic bat repeller products is an ultrasonic repeller that is specifically designed to repel bats. That said, it also works to repel other pests like mice and rats, and even insects like roaches, spiders, water bugs, silverfish, squirrels, and fleas.

This is one of the best ultrasonic bat repeller products for bat removal because it uses high impact ultrasonic sound waves that cover up to 5,000 square feet. It has dual speakers to reach farther and not only repels bats currently residing in your home, but also helps keep them from returning.

Cleanrth Ultrasonic Bat Repellent

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Another one of the best ultrasonic bat repeller products we recommend is by a company called Cleanrth. This product is designed to repel a number of pests like insects, fleas, mice, rats and bats.

We have included this on our list of best ultrasonic bat repeller products because it has different settings to target different pests and gives you the option not only to repel bats with sound waves but also vibration.

The electromagnetic waves irritate bats and cause them to flee your home without irritating people or pets along the way. It reaches up to 9,000 square feet and is ideal for large attics or basements where bats like to congregate.

Angveirt Ultrasonic Repeller With Strobe Lights

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Like many of the best ultrasonic bat repeller products on this list, this repeller uses soundwaves and vibration to deter pests like mice, rats, squirrels, spiders, fleas, and other home invaders. However, what makes this ultrasonic pest repeller unique is that it is battery operated and also includes strobe lights.

We love this product for attics and basements or other areas of the home that don’t have access to power outlets. And while the ultrasonic soundwaves will help deter bats on their own, the lights will add even more of a deterrent and irritate bats trying to sleep or roost in your home.

Pest Control Ultrasonic Pest Repellent

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This is yet another of the best ultrasonic bat repeller products we could find made by Brison. It comes in a pack of four and is a safe and humane way to help repel not only bats, but also mice, rats, bed bugs, snakes, ants, spiders, and roaches. It includes a night light to further irritate bats trying to roost and is safe to use around people and pets.

It does need a power outlet in order to work, but you should see results in as little as three weeks.

Crioxen Ultrasonic Bat Repeller

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Another bat repeller we like for our list of best ultrasonic bat repeller products is made by Crioxen. It uses ultrasonic sound waves to repel bats, mice, rats, spiders, roaches, and more. It only reaches up to 600 square feet but you can order several and place one in each room, including in your basement, attic, or even in office buildings.

This product will not irritate pets or people and is effective to use in smaller homes as the sound waves penetrate through walls to repel bats roosting behind or inside the walls.

ES-2 Ultrasonic Bat Repellent

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This is another of ultrasonic bat repellent we recommend as it reaches up to 1,600 square feet and works in apartments, large homes, attics, basements, and even businesses like restaurants to help repel not only bats, but mice, rats, and insects.

It will not bother people or pets but it does work to repel bats specifically, and includes lights that will irritate pests if they are in the same room.

While this is one of the best ultrasonic bat repeller products in our opinion, we should note that it requires an outlet.

Glaobule Electronic Bat Repellent

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Last on our list of best ultrasonic bat repeller products is another battery operated bat repellent that uses ultrasonic waves as well as lights to repel not only bats, but also squirrels, mice, and rats.

It is specifically designed to use indoors or in garages, sheds, basements, or attics where power outlets are scarce. This product also uses vibrations and soundwaves that penetrate through walls in order to irritate bats or other pests roosting in hard to reach places.

Other Commercial Repellers You Can Use To Get Rid Of Bats

Pic 4 a cartoon drawing of mothballs
Mothballs can also work to repel bats. 

Because even the best ultrasonic bat repellent may not be 100% effective to remove the bats in your home, we also recommend using other tactics as well to help drive bats out.

Let’s take a look.

Bonide Bat Magic

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If you are worried that even the best ultrasonic bat repeller product won’t be enough to take care of the bat problem in your home, you can always try the above product by Bonide called Bat Magic. This product uses scent packets that repel bats with the overwhelming smell of essential oils.

Since the product is natural, it is safe to use around people and pets and it won’t harm the bats either. Every order comes in a pack of four and each individual pack can reach up to 150 feet.


No products found.

Mothballs are another humane way to get rid of bats. Similar to Bat Magic, Mothballs use strong odors to repel bats and other pests like spiders, mice, rats, and even lizards.

However, mothballs use strong chemicals to create an unsatisfying odor and they can be toxic to people and animals if ingested, so use them with caution around children and pets.

Woodlink Bat Shelter

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While no one wants bats roosting in their homes, the truth is that bats are highly beneficial animals that play an important role in our ecosystem. Once people realize what wonderful natural pest control agents they are, they often don’t mind keeping bats around their property.

Since bats seek out our homes to nest and have protection, providing them with their own shelter away from your home is an excellent way to keep them around without having to worry about them coming to nest in your attic or chimney.

There are plenty of shelters you can provide for bats, but we like the Woodlink Bat Shelter, listed above. It provides a natural, safe space for bats to roost and will help you continue to keep your home pest free, especially from those annoying mosquitoes!

Home Remedies To Repel Bats

Pic 5 lemmon grass essential oils
Essential oils are a common and natural form of pest removal and help repel bats.

While we do love using the best ultrasonic bat repeller products for humane and safe bat removal, they may not work entirely on their own. Luckily, there are a few home remedies you can use to help repel these winged mammals and keep them from returning to roost in your home.

  • Mirrors Or Aluminum Foil

Reflective items like mirrors or aluminum foil are an inexpensive and effective method you can use at home to repel bats. Along with using the best ultrasonic bat repeller, try hanging mirrors or strips of aluminum foil anywhere you notice or suspect bats are roosting. When you do this, the reflective surfaces will catch light and irritate the bats, often causing them to leave on their own.

  • Light

Since mirrors and aluminum foil reflect light to annoy bats, it’s no surprise that light in general will have the same effect. This is one of the reasons many of the best ultrasonic bat repeller products above include flashing lights. That said, you can use your own light sources like flashlights or even strobe lights to repel roosting bats. Simply place lights anywhere you suspect bat activity to help repel them.

  • Cinnamon And Water Spray

Bats are sensitive and often repelled by the scent of cinnamon. Along with using the best ultrasonic bat repeller and even a form of light, we recommend mixing cinnamon with water in a spray bottle and spraying it around your home. This will help make the environment less friendly and inviting to bats and can further encourage them to hit the road.

  • Essential Oil Sprays

Along with using cinnamon, you can also use essential oils to repel bats. Most experts recommend using either peppermint oil or eucalyptus oil, as these tend to work best as natural bat repellents. Simply mix a few drops of your oil of choice in some water and spray it wherever you suspect bat activity.

Essential oils can also work to repel other unwanted intruders like spiders, roaches, ants, bed bugs and more.

If The Best Ultrasonic Bat Repeller Doesn’t Work – When To Call A Professional

Pic 6 a little brown bat on a wall
A large bat infestation may require the assistance of a professional. 

Roosting bats are often protected because they are usually nesting. When you attempt to evict nesting bats, you will usually only remove adult bats, leaving infant bats alone in the nest to slowly die. This is not only cruel, but also a health issue for you and your family.

Even if you are using all the methods above to remove bats, it may also be wise to contact a professional regarding how to get rid of bats safely and to ensure you are doing it legally.

Most pest control experts in your area will have extensive knowledge on bat removal and when the best time to remove bats may be.

That said, once you are able to evict the bats safely and humanely, you’ll want to go about using some preventive techniques to ensure they do not return.

Tips On Preventing Future Bat Problems

pic 7 a black and white picture of bats hanginging in an attic
Continue to use repellents and pest control to help keep bats from returning.

Once you have your hands on the best ultrasonic bat repeller, keep using it! Just because the bats are gone doesn’t mean they won’t return.

But along with using repellents and deterrents to continue to protect your home against roosting bats, what are some other ways you can go about keeping these winged intruders out?

Let’s take a look.

Other methods to prevent future bat infestations in your home:

  • Seal entry points 

Once you know you have evicted all the bats (including infant bats), go around your home and do a thorough check for entry and exit points. Keep in mind that bats can enter your home through holes as small as a dime. Fill any cracks and crevices with mesh to ensure bats cannot return.

  • Continue using bat repellents 

As we mentioned above, don’t stop using the best ultrasonic bat repeller just because bats have moved on. Remember, bats have a roosting season and may be back next year if your home is inviting enough. Continue using repellents like ultrasonic repellents, scent packs, mirrors, and more to keep bats from returning.

  • Give bats their own bat box away from your home

Bat shelters give bats a safe and comfortable place to roost that is much more convenient than your home. When you provide bats with their own bat box, you are ensuring they won’t choose your attic, chimney, or garage to nest. Plus, you’ll also be able to keep them around to help control that pesky mosquito population!

  • Reduce the bat’s food source around your property

And speaking of those pesky mosquitoes, having a bat infestation in your home may be a sign of other problems. Bats are often seeking shelter and food, and since brown bats typically feed on insects, if you have a large bat population around your home you likely have insects too.

You can help keep bats away by reducing their food source. Use other common forms of pest control to eradicate insects in and around the perimeter of your home to ensure bats aren’t getting too close for comfort.

So, what do you think? Along with using the best ultrasonic bat repeller products, what other methods do you know of that can help repel bats from your home? Share your opinions with us in the comment section below.

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