Best Bed Bug Mattress Cover

Going through a bed bug infestation is no joke. It can also cost you a lot, not only financially, but emotionally as well, leading to sleepless, unsettled nights long after the infestation has been taken care of.

Worse, when you do have a bed bug infestation, you feel vulnerable, like you can’t trust your house no matter how clean it is and you may even find yourself constantly checking your mattress or getting those creepy-crawly feelings each time you climb into bed.

What a drag. Trust me, I know the feeling and have been there myself. The good news is that, before, during and after a bed bug infestation, there are ways you can protect yourself and your mattress from these nasty little creatures while also giving yourself some peace of mind when you turn out the light.

Today, we are going to talk about what to do if you think you have a bed bug infestation and what steps you can take to protect your mattress from current and future bed bugs.

Let’s begin.

Identifying A Bed Bug Infestation

Pic 1 bed bug bites on human skin
Bed bug bites like the bites pictured above are often one of the first signs of an infestation. 

The first clue of a bed bug infestation isn’t always bed bug bites, although these can be a telltale sign that something isn’t quite right. However, not everyone develops a rash or red bumps when they are bitten by bed bugs, which can make identifying the problem off the top a little tougher.

No, the first things you will probably notice are small specs of blood on your pillowcase and sheets. Because bed bugs are sneaky and don’t come out every night, you usually won’t see one until the infestation has become severe.

That said, if you do see a bedbug, you can be sure there are more, so get to investigating.

You May Have A Bed Bug Infestation If You Notice The Following:

  • Small blood stains on your pillowcase or sheets
  • Tiny black or dark specks that look like the tip of pen on your bedding, walls, baseboards, or headboard of your bed
  • Shells or skins of dead insects around your bed or furniture
  • Small clusters of tiny white insect eggs
  • The actual sighting of a live bed bug

Remember, by the time you visually see a bedbug, the chances are the infestation is in its prime. But don’t worry, that doesn’t mean you need to toss your mattress just yet.

There are things you can do to save your furniture, save your money and get rid of bed bugs effectively.

Preparing Your Bed For The Best Bed Bug Mattress Cover

Pic 2 a bare mattress
Strip your bed completely down to the bare mattress and clean it thoroughly before applying the cover. 

There are a number of steps you must take when preparing to get rid of bed bugs, and one of those steps includes stripping your mattress completely and applying the best bed bug mattress cover you can find.

First, take off all sheets, bedding and covers, and immediately wash and dry them. Then store them in plastic trash bags or airtight bins outside of the infested room or home.

Next, investigate your mattress thoroughly. When I was dealing with my own bed bug infestation, I ended up taking the mattress off the bed and going over it and the boxspring with a fine toothed comb.

I vacuumed the mattress with a handheld vacuum as well. I looked for any sign of tears or rips in the mattress and made sure to look in all the creases or edges where bed bugs like to hide or lay their eggs. Once I felt satisfied it was clean, I immediately covered the mattress and boxspring with a bed bug proof mattress cover.

What To Look For In The Best Bed Bug Mattress Cover

Pic 3 a drawing of a bed and mattress cover
A bed bug mattress cover will cover your entire mattress and close security on all sides.  

The best bed bug mattress covers or encasements are not like typical mattress covers. They are usually made of a special, tightly woven fabric that protects against not only bed bugs but also mites, allergies and stains.

The point of looking for and buying the best bed bug mattress cover is not only to protect your mattress from future bed bugs, but to also trap any remaining bedbugs or bed bug eggs you may have missed on or in your mattress and kill them by suffocation or starvation.

This not only helps control the infestation while you are treating your home, but it also gives you some peace of mind while you’re sleeping at night that any bed bugs currently on your mattress are now unable to come out and bite you in your sleep.

Unfortunately, the best bed bug mattress cover options are not always cheap and you may have to buy more than one depending on your bed bug infestation. That said, it’s important to get the best bed bug mattress cover you can to ensure you are able to protect your mattress effectively.

And while the price of a mattress cover isn’t always ideal, keep in mind that a high quality mattress cover will always be more cost effective than having to replace your mattress.

Here is what to look for in the best bed bug mattress cover:

  • Look for a mattress cover that covers the entirety of the mattress and zips closed securely
  • The best bed bug mattress cover will be waterproof
  • The best bed bed bug mattress covers should protect against more than just bed bugs
  • Buy bed bug mattress covers that over both a box spring and a mattress encasement

10 Best Bed Bug Mattress Cover Options Available

Pic 4 a bare mattress near a window
The best bed bug mattress options are tear and rip resistant. 

I had to do tons of research before I was able to find the best bed bug mattress cover for me, but I want to save you from that hassle.

Remember, bed bug mattress covers don’t always have to break the bank, but the less they cost the less effective they may be at protecting your mattress from bed bugs, mites allergies and stains.

That is why I have listed only the best bed bug mattress cover options below that I know will work to save your mattress and also protect against future infestations.

SureGuard Mattress Encasement

No products found.

This mattress encasement by SureGuard has everything you want in the best bed bug mattress cover. It is completely hypoallergenic, waterproof and yes, bed bug proof.

This cover is actually the bed bug cover I personally used on my own mattress two years ago and it is still on there today. In fact, it’s so sturdy that it even comes with a 10 year warranty. The material is breathable, which is super important because some bed bug covers can be uncomfortable and noisy.

What I liked best about this bed bug mattress encasement is that it was easy to put on and zipped closed securely. It was so air-tight, in fact, tha tI had to unzip it to let some air out before putting my sheets back on.

This also came in handy when I changed my nephew’s diaper on the bed and he had a little potty accident. Since it’s waterproof, all I had to do was strip the sheets and bedding and throw them into the wash. Super simple.

Polyzip Bed Bug Proof Mattress Cover

No products found.

Next on our list of best bed bug mattress cover options is this hypoallergenic bed bug encasement by Everest Supply.

While this bed bug encasement is not waterproof, it still protects against bed bugs and dust mites. Some of the best bed bug mattress covers are made of vinyl and plastic materials, which can be uncomfortable, however it is also what makes them waterproof.

If you aren’t worried about having a waterproof bed bug mattress, (and they are not really necessary to protect against bed bugs) then this may be the best bed bug mattress cover for you.

I also like that it’s machine washable and works for both mattresses and boxsprings.

Linenspa Zippered Bed Bug Mattress Cover

No products found.

Although this bed bug mattress cover is waterproof, it is still made with quality, breathable materials to help keep your sleep as comfortable and cozy as possible.

Plus, it’s not as pricey as some of the other bed bug mattress covers on this list but it still has wonderful reviews and even offers a great ten year warranty.

While the best bed bug mattress cover options are usually a little more expensive, that doesn’t mean they have to be.

We also like that you can order this bed bug encasement for all size beds, box springs and even pillows.

Utopia Premium Bed Bug Encasement

No products found.

It can sometimes be difficult to find the best bed bug mattress cover products to fit certain sized mattresses or deep mattresses, which is why we like the Utopia Premium Bed Bug Mattress for beds up to 13 inches deep.

You can order it in any mattress size from Twin all the way up to California King. Like most of the best bed bug mattress cover options on this list, this encasement is made of tightly knitted materials, zippers closed, and is waterproof without being uncomfortable to sleep on.

Four Seasons Essentials Bed Bug Mattress Cover

No products found.

We love that this mattress cover by Four Seasons Essentials offers a hypoallergenic, 360 degree coverage and protection against bed bugs, allergens and dust mites.

It is hypoallergenic and made of tightly knit materials. It zippers closed but also offers an extra layer of protection with a velcro seal, which we love. It is also completely waterproof, so it will not only protect your mattress against pests but also against stains.

You can order it in multiple sizes, from twin all the way up to California King.

Bed Bug Blocker All-In-One Mattress Cover

No products found.

The best bed bug mattress cover products are specifically made for bed bug protection, like this mattress encasement by Bed Bug Blocker.

Their all-in-one mattress protector is water resistant (not waterproof) and d’protects against bed bugs, dust mites, and even allergens. It comes in a number of sizes and is made of polyester and other tightly knit fabrics that are both strong, effective, comfortable and breathable.

Hospitology Products Sleep Defense Mattress Encasement

No products found.

Another bed bug cover we like for our list of best bed bug mattress cover options is this mattress encasement by Hospitology Products.

We like that it’s stretchy and has some give, so it’s less likely to tear while applying it. We also like that it is made in the United states and is completely waterproof and bed bug proof, which means they won’t be able to get into your mattress or out of it once this cover is applied.

It comes in different sizes depending on your mattress and can also be ordered in different depths.

Eco Home USA Bed Bug Mattress Encasement

No products found.

Unlike some of the other best bed bug mattress cover options, we like that this bed bug cover is made with breathable cotton material. Still, it protects against bed bugs, allergines, dust mites and more, and is still waterproof while also being comfortable to sleep on.

In fact, it feels just as comfortable as regular sheets, according to the reviews. I haven’t personally tried this bed bug cover but I do think some of the best bed bug mattress cover options are breathable and comfy. It’s hard to find ones that aren’t made of vinyl or plastic.

I may have to go ahead and purchase this one myself.

Bedecor Zippered Mattress Encasement

No products found.

Another mattress cover that we love for this list of best bed bug mattress cover products is the Bedecor Zippered cover. It’s completely waterproof and bed bug proof. It also protects against allergies and, because it’s waterproof, prevents stains.

This is super similar to the other bed bug mattress covers on this list, but what makes it stand out is that the zipper is specially designed to hide beneath the fabric, adding extra comfort and protection.

The cover is also washable and easy to keep clean.

Deluxe Hotel Ultimate Bed Bug Blocker

No products found.

Last on our list of best bed bug mattress cover products is this completely waterproof bed bug protector by Deluxe Hotel. This is a zippered mattress and box spring cover that protects against allergies, dust mites and bed bugs.

It is made of tight knit polyester and comes in a number of sizes from twin all the way to King. Please note that this mattress cover is not offered in a California King Option and doesn’t give options for depth measurements, although it does promise to work on mattresses as deep as 16 inches.

Our favorite thing about this cover is that it’s designed to last and even comes with a ten year warranty.

How To Apply Your Bed Bug Mattress Encasement

Pic 5 a bedbug close up
Bed bugs do not carry diseases, but their presence can still be devastating.  

Once you’ve found the best bed bug mattress cover for you, you’ll need to put it on. This is not an easy task and may require help, depending on the size and weight of the mattress.

It’s important to put the mattress cover on correctly and do so without causing any rips or tears to it so that you can rest easy knowing you are keeping any bugs on or inside the mattress contained. This will also help you protect your mattress from future bed bugs.

The easiest way to put a bed bug mattress cover on your mattress is to take your mattress off the bed and stand it against a wall. Slip the encasement over the top of the mattress and slide it down to the bottom, being careful not to rip or tear the encasement.

I had an expensive bed bug mattress cover but, due to the unique, waterproof material, it tore easily when pulled too hard.

Once you have pulled the cover down to the floor, have someone help you rotate the mattress to it’s otherside until you can zip or secure the cover, fully encasing the mattress and therefore protecting it.

Confused? Don’t be. The below video gives you an idea on how to properly apply your bed bug encasement to your mattress and boxspring.

When To Throw Your Mattress Out

Pic 6 a dirty and ripped mattress
If your mattress has rips or tears, it may provide an easy hiding place for bed bugs and their eggs.

The best bed bug mattress cover should protect all mattresses, but they are especially helpful on mattresses that are new, because newer mattresses usually don’t have rips or tears and are rarely infested with bed bugs or bed bug eggs. You can always be proactive when buying a new mattress and putting a bed bug cover on it right away to help keep it in its best shape.

Still, even a mattress that is a few years old but still in good shape is salvagable when it comes to a bed bug infestation.

If you find a good, high quality bed bug mattress encasement, you should be able to hold onto your mattress and control or remedy your bed bug problem using bed bug treatments.

However, sometimes the infestation is too great and you may decide that the easiest way to rid yourself of the problem is to throw out your mattress for good.

Mattresses with large rips or tears where bed bugs can easily hide, make a nest or lay eggs may need to be thrown out. If you aren’t sure if you need to toss your mattress, you can always contact a specialist and have them look over your mattress with you before you decide.

Getting Rid Of Bed Bugs – Expert Tips And Tricks

Pic 7 a bed bug on a green carpet
Along with a bed bug mattress cover, you should also treat your home to get rid of bedbugs.

Investing in the best bed bug mattress cover or encasement is a very important step in the process of remedying and eliminating a bed bug infestation once and for all.

That said, you can’t just buy a mattress cover and expect for your bed bug problem to go away. Did you know it takes only one pregnant female bed bug to reignite a bed bug infestation in your home?

Not only that, but bed bugs travel. While most bed bug infestations and nests are within five feet of your bed, they can move around the home and go from room to room to find hosts, especially if their current nest becomes too crowded.

After you ensure you have covered your mattress with the best bed bug mattress cover you could find, we recommend you follow these next steps:

  • Wash and dry all clothing, bedding and linens
  • Store clothing, bedding and linens in tightly closed trash bags outside of the infested area
  • Purchase high quality bed bug treatment products like powders or dusts to treat your home
  • Disassemble your bed frame and treat it with high quality bed but killer
  • Vacuum and wash all service areas
  • If the infestation persists over the course of several weeks, contact a professional exterminator

And remember, while a bed bug infestation is horrible, it is not dangerous. Bed bugs do not carry diseases and cannot physically harm you or your family. So, try to stay calm and be as proactive as possible.

Good luck!

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